I’m Akhilesh Bandi

Msc Cyber Security

EPITA Grande école​

I'm an Open Book


A strong believer that security is a process and not a project.

An enthusiastic débutant in France with a goal to pursue growth as his as my own ideal.

Currently excited about neo-banking, i-gaming, blockchain, quantum computing and every industry moving to the cloud and influencing the cloud security landscape.

Masters in Computer Security at a Grande Ecole that values tasks done more than text written in concepts like Social Engineering, PenTesting, Digital Forensics, Unix Administration, PKI, Cryptology, Software/Web Vulnerability Auditing & Reporting.

Experienced NOC engineer with client communications ,Incident resolution, Report creation, Windows, Linux Troubleshooting, VMware and Network Management in a Tier4 Datacenter.

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My Work

From Vector designs to network optimizations, take a peek at few of my personal and freelance projects.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.

Professional Skills

Windows, Linux Network Administration

Incident response

Penetration Testing

Digital Forensics

Personal Skills


web design


Video ediTING