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Ad and Tracker blocking on entire Home Network

Made my own custom DNS Filtering tool with Pi-Hole. It allows me to block outgoing and incoming requests from all malicious sites, intrusive advertisement servers and tracker hosts on entire home network irrespective of internet protocol and connection type used by each device. It works in mobile apps and even blocks ads on my smart TV.

Video Editing ( Quarantine Competition)

Right after Covid-19 Lockdown started our company decided to post 40 experienced engineers In-office full-time. I was one of the two engineers from my team. Our office was modified to accommodate us 24/7. Our HR team conducted a One day deadline competition for having the best Quarantine routine. My colleagues and I made this video which brought us first place and a cash prize. Even though Lockdown was a rough patch I at least made some fond memories.

Secure DomainName resolving on Home Network

Configuring DNS over HTTPS protocol on the entire network by using a single board computer (ex Raspberry Pi) to prevent ISP’s and malicious hackers from peeking on personal data and internet traffic information.

Android Rooting and Deep Customisation

I’ve rooted all android phones and sometimes there are issues which take forever to solve. The solution itself is simple but identifying the problem takes up all the time. Right after I figure it out I make a Youtube video about it so that other people can simply search for the error and would find a solution. Other modders commenting that my videos helped them fix a bricked device / solve an error makes it totally worth my time and effort.

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